The Special Features of our Matcha Green Tea

Uji-tawara Town of Kyoto Prefecture, the very origin of Japan's matcha green tea, is the perfect place to grow tea leaves.
The well-drained calcareous soil and the climate are the reasons for the high quality teas.

Our matcha green tea is 100% organic, and is grown in the great blessings of nature.

Better Taste, Better For You

We've chosen only the finest tasting, highest-quality and healthiest Matcha Green Tea that Japan has to offer. With no grassy or bitter aftertaste, our Matcha outshines other brands.

✓Superior High-Quality Flavor

✓High Amino Acid and Nutrient Count

✓Freshly Ground & Packaged​

Pure & Simple

Have Confidence in What You Drink

USDA Organic 

No pesticides. No chemicals. No muddy taste. Our Matcha is USDA Certified Organic, hand-picked, steamed, and traditionally ground, bringing out its natural sweet and umami flavors.

Nature's Superfood

​Our Matcha doesn't just taste great -- it is rich in age-fighting antioxidants, stress-reducing L-theanine, fat-burning catechins, health-promoting flavonoids, and so much more! 

Authenticly Grown

​Our high-quality Japanese Matcha is sourced and cultivated from Uji-tawara Town, centered in Kyoto, Japan, known for its tropical climate and rich history of green tea!

Natural Superfood

Nature's Modern Elixir of Health - Rooted in Centuries of History and Tradition - It doesn't get any cooler than that!

Metabolism Booster

​Our Matcha is rich in catechins and EGCGs, which studies have shown are responsible for increasing your metabolic rate and breaking down fat cells.

6 Hours of Jitter-Free Energy 

​Our Matcha's unique combination of relaxing L-theanine and natural caffeine ensures 4-6 hours of jitter-free energy - only pure, relaxed mental alertness.

Antioxidant Powerhouse

​Our Matcha is lush with powerful antioxidants, which are known to repair and protect against cellular damage.

An Experience For Your Senses

Relish in the taste of authentic Japanese Matcha Green Tea, born from the same plant that was once enjoyed by emperors, samurai, and monks alike!

✓Relaxing and Meditative Properties

✓Rich with Japanese Culture and Tradition

✓Perfect for Traditional Tea Ceremonies