Mystik Organic Ceremonial Japanese Matcha Powder 清 ‘Kiyo’ 40g

  • Enjoy our ceremonial grade matcha, the finest organic matcha green tea in the world! With a smooth, silky, and sweet flavor, ceremonial matcha will bring joy and delight with its vibrant green pigment, and its unrivaled flavor.

    This is a ceremonial grade tea, but it's also great for drinking or baking/cooking.

    You can use Kiyo in more casual ways.


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✓USDA & JAS Certified Organic -- no pesticides, no harmful chemicals, and no muddy taste!​
✓High-Quality Culinary Grade-- The purest, finest tasting Matcha.
✓Authentic Japanese Matcha -- Grown in the heart of Japan, Uji-Matcha is Japan’s number one green-tea producing region, deeming it some of the best Matcha Japan has to offer!
✓100% Pure Matcha -- Have confidence in what you drink: Our Matcha is free from additives, sweeteners, and fillers - only pure, stone-ground Matcha at its finest!

100% Pure Japanese Matcha Green Tea: Nothing Else

We value pure authentic Matcha, which is why we refrain from adding any sugar additives or fillers. Plus, our high-quality Matcha is already naturally sweet and earthy, so you can enjoy it as is, just as nature intended! 

✓No Additives  ✓No Fillers   ✓Stone-Ground  ✓Certified Organic​​

Health In Every Sip

   A Modern Elixir of Health, Rich With Centuries of Tradition

10x the amount of nutrients in regular green tea

137x the amount of antioxidants in regular green tea

✓Boosts Metabolism   ✓Fights Aging   ✓Rejuvenates Skin   ✓No Caffeine Jitters   ✓Enhances Memory   ✓Detoxifies the Body   ✓Clean, Pure Energy   ✓Aids in Relaxation

How To Enjoy

Some of The Best Ways to Enjoy a Cup of Mystik Matcha 

Traditional Method:

For a soothing and warming earthy flavor, mix 1 & 1/2 tsp of Matcha with 4-6 oz of hot water. Mix well with a bamboo whisk until frothy and foamy. The bubbles should be small, but cover the entire surface of the cup. Sip away and enjoy! What you will need:

Matcha: 1 & 1/2 tsp Hot Water: 4-6oz​

Whisk (preferably bamboo): 1  Bowl for Drinking: 1

Modern Method:

To prepare, simply mix 1 & 1/2 tsp of Matcha with 1 cup of icy cold water. Blend in a hand-held blender for 15 seconds. Pour the creamy Matcha into a cup filled with ice. Enjoy the refreshing taste that is perfect for hot summer days! You will need:

Matcha: 1 & 1/2 tsp Cold Water: 1 cup

Blender: 1 Ice cubes: Handful 

Spice it Up:

Our Matcha is perfect for sipping as is but is also great for ditching coffee -- say goodbye to caffeine jitters and say hello to alert relaxation. Add it to morning smoothies for a boost of health and energy! Or drink an ice-cold cup of matcha before a workout to burn 25% more fat! Our Matcha not only induces a state of alert and zen relaxation but also naturally increases your metabolic rate and thermogenesis, with no side-effects! So, go ahead, relax, and treat yourself to a cup of pure happiness.

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