About Us

Mystic Matcha’s main office is based in California!

Our mission at Mystik Matcha is simple- create awareness about the health benefits of Matcha. We work hard to bring you the highest quality matcha only from its origin, Japan.  We are extremely passionate about diet, exercise and mindset. Our dedication to bring value to the community is second to none. We are here for one reason, to help you be healthy and have fun doing it.


Uji-tawara Town of Kyoto Prefecture, the very origin of Japan's matcha green tea, is the perfect place to grow tea leaves.
The well-drained calcareous soil and the climate there are the reasons for the high quality teas.

Our matcha green tea is 100% organic, and is grown in the great blessings of nature.


Our Values

We value authenticity and high quality -- which is why we source our Matcha straight from Kyoto, Japan. The fact that our Matcha is high quality doesn’t just mean that it tastes great, it also means that it’s chock full of fat-burning catechins, mood-enhancing l-theanine, and anti-aging antioxidants! In fact, researchers haven proven that there is a direct correlation between the quality of matcha and its health-promoting properties. So don’t settle for bargain-valued Matcha when you know you can enjoy our sweet-tasting high-quality matcha. Why wouldn’t you want matcha that tastes good and is good for you?

For the healthiest tea experience, we invite you to order online today and try our premium matcha green tea yourself!